The North Hollywood Station is located at the intersection of Chandler and Lankershim Boulevards. It is a major transit hub, and the northern terminus of the Metro Red Line that connects the San Fernando Valley with downtown Los Angeles. The station is a short walk from the NoHo Arts District and North Hollywood Park, which includes a recreation center, a skate park, tennis courts, and the historic Amelia Earhart Regional Library. The study area is equal parts commercial and multiple-family residential, with very little single-family residential and industrial land. Larger commercial and office buildings are located along Lankershim and Chandler Boulevards, and smaller restaurants, shops, and auto businesses are located along Magnolia and Burbank Boulevards. The North Hollywood transit neighborhood contains a total population of 33,918,* and 8,647 jobs or three jobs per acre.**

The station is located in the North Hollywood-Valley Village Community Plan area, with portions of it additionally located in special districts such as the North Hollywood Commercial and Artcraft District Overlay, and the CRA/LA North Hollywood Redevelopment Project area. Portions of the station area are also located in a State Enterprise Zone.

More detailed information about the station area can be found in the Existing Conditions Report. Click on the maps below to view high-quality PDF documents.


Existing Land Use                                       Existing Zoning


*2010 US Census data for all census tracts that are located partially or completely within a half-mile radius of the transit station. This data includes areas outside of the half-mile station area and does not reflect the exact boundaries of any future plans.
**US Census Bureau’s Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD)