The Exposition/Bundy station is located at the intersection of Bundy Drive and Exposition Boulevard, just south of Olympic Boulevard and east of the City of Santa Monica boundary. The area directly north of the station is zoned for light manufacturing, and is largely comprised of large-footprint commercial uses, such as a car dealership, the Westside Media Center, office high-rises, and several big box retail stores. North of Olympic Boulevard is a mix of single- and multi-family residential uses. Directly south of the station is largely comprised of single-family homes, with limited multi-family and manufacturing-zoned parcels. About a half-mile to the south of the station, beyond the residential uses, is Pico Boulevard, home to the community’s independent, mom-and-pop commercial uses, retail and restaurants.

The Exposition/Bundy Station has the second greatest job density of all project stations along the Exposition Line at 34 jobs per acre, and a total of 17,000 jobs*. The neighborhood is notable for its budding creative and media cluster, which complements the existing creative sector in Santa Monica.

The Exposition/Bundy station area is largely located within the West Los Angeles Community Plan and Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey Community Plan areas and is within the boundaries of the West Los Angeles Transportation Improvement and Mitigation Specific Plan.  Commercial properties along Pico Boulevard are encompassed in the West Pico Boulevard Community Design Overlay.

Existing Land Use and Circulation      Existing Zoning

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*The jobs data indicated here is taken from the US Census 2010 and represents census tracts that are within a half-mile of the transit station. This data includes areas outside of the City of Los Angeles and does not reflect the exact boundaries of the Exposition Corridor Transit Neighborhood Plan area.