The Fairview Heights (formerly Florence/West) station area is shared by the City of Los Angeles and the City of Inglewood with the actual station being located in the City of Inglewood. The portion of the station area in the City of Los Angeles consists primarily of the Hyde Park neighborhood.

The half-mile radius area surrounding the Fairview Heights transit station has a varied mix of land uses. There are commercial uses along the east and west sides of the West Boulevard corridor and single-family dwellings southeast of the station on adjacent side streets.  Northeast of the station, there is a combination of multifamily and industrial uses.  The rail right-of-way on which the light rail line will travel traverses the industrially zoned area northeast of the station. The 55-acre Edward Vincent Park, formerly known as Centinela Park, is located several blocks to the west on the Inglewood side. The population of the Los Angeles portion of the station area is approximately 11,561. There are approximately 3 jobs per acre with the prominent job sectors being light industrial, retail, professional, scientific, management, and administration. There are approximately 4,822 total housing units.

Several bus lines traverse the surrounding area. These include local and express bus lines along Crenshaw Boulevard two blocks to the east, and local and express bus lines along Florence Avenue.  The Inglewood – Windsor Hills shuttle runs several blocks to the north along Hyde Park and Fairview Boulevards.


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