The Hyde Park (formerly Crenshaw/Slauson) station is the only street-level station along the Crenshaw/LAX Line.  The platform will be located in the center median of the street just south of the Crenshaw Boulevard/Slauson Avenue intersection. The largest shopping center in the area, the Crenshaw Plaza Shopping Center, is located at the south east corner of the intersection, and is anchored by a supermarket, drug store, restaurants, and other neighborhood-serving retail establishments.  Crenshaw High School is a prominent educational institution in the vicinity. There are also a number of private schools, such as View Park Preparatory Middle School, the Marcus Garvey School, Ascension Lutheran School, and St. John the Evangelist School, as well as institutional uses such as churches and day care centers.  Major land uses within a half-mile radius include commercial, multifamily residential, single-family residential, open space and public facilities.

Properties directly surrounding the transit station on Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue are zoned for commercial use, with primarily single-family dwellings located on adjacent side streets north of the station. South of the station, the area is developed with the multifamily development known as Dorset Village east of the shopping center.  Additional multifamily units exist on the side streets south of the station in the Hyde Park neighborhood.  The total population is just over 22,000. There are approximately seven jobs per acre with the prominent job sectors being retail, professional, scientific, management, and administration. The Crenshaw High School and the shopping center serve as major employers in the region. There are approximately 12,063 total housing units in the area.

The Hyde Park station will be located at a very busy intersection, served by several public transit lines. These include local and express buse lines along Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue. The area is also served by the Leimert/Slauson Community DASH line. There are several existing and proposed bicycle lanes and designated “bicycle-friendly” streets in the vicinity.


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