The Crenshaw/MLK station will be located within a thriving commercial center along the Crenshaw Corridor that includes the historic Crenshaw-Baldwin Hills Plaza (originally built in 1947), a major shopping destination in South Los Angeles. The station additionally serves the Audubon Middle School, several senior housing complexes, the Crenshaw Medical Center and several neighborhoods, including Baldwin Village and View Park (unincorporated Los Angeles County).  Malton Square, a large redevelopment site, is located two blocks west of the station. The surrounding land uses within a half-mile radius include retail, commercial, multifamily residential, single-family residential, open space and public facilities.

The area surrounding the transit station is primarily zoned for commercial uses along the east and west sides of the corridor with single-family dwellings located on the adjacent side streets.  The total population of the station area is approximately 23,804. There are approximately 9 jobs per acre with the greatest number of jobs found in the professional, scientific and management; and educational services and health care sectors.  There are approximately 12,063 total housing units.  Baldwin Village to the west of the station has a high concentration of multifamily residential units.

The Crenshaw/MLK station will be located at one of the busiest intersections in this area of the city, and at the convergence point of several public transit lines, including local and express buses and Community DASH bus service. There are several existing and proposed bicycle lanes in the vicinity, including one that extends east – west along MLK Boulevard and connects to a network of designated “bicycle friendly” streets.


Existing Land Use and Circulation        Existing Zoning