The Exposition/Crenshaw station on the Crenshaw Light Rail Line will be located adjacent to the existing Exposition Line Crenshaw station. The Crenshaw Line station will be located underground, while the Exposition Line station is at street level near the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Exposition Boulevard.  Passengers enter the station at the southeast corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Exposition Place.  It will serve as a vital transfer station between the two lines, allowing for light rail connections to the Westside, Downtown and the Los Angeles Airport.  The Exposition/Crenshaw station area has a wide mix of uses that range from large institutional uses such as the West Angeles Church, located at the northeast corner of Crenshaw and Exposition Boulevards, to a variety of neighborhood-serving commercial uses.  The station area includes the existing Coliseum Square Shopping Center, as well as the proposed District Square Shopping Center on the south east corner of Crenshaw and Rodeo Road, which will include a number of large and small retail establishments and restaurants.

The area surrounding the transit station on Crenshaw Boulevard is primarily zoned for commercial use, with a combination of multiple family and single family residential zoning on the east and west sides of the boulevard.  The station area has a total population of approximately 31,370 and 5,600 jobs, or roughly 11 jobs per acre.  The area is well-served by public transportation, including the Exposition Light Rail transit line and frequent local, express, and Community DASH bus service.


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